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Re: Trying to set priority bandwidth to my device.

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Re: Trying to set priority bandwidth to my device.

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So i've spent the last hour trying to find a way to set priority bandwidth to my device becuase my brother keeps watching netflix and when i play online games it lags like crazy (i get like 60% packet loss) but i also tried logging into the default gateway and the Username: Admin , Password: Password wont work. I am pretty sure that this gateway has the option for me to set bandwidth priority.

Also to point out. I am using a computer connect via enthernet and my there are my router details.

Model Name: CGM4140COM
Vendor: Technicolor
Revision: 2.2
CM MAC 441C12994262
Firmware: CGM4140COM_3.7p8s1_PROD_sey

I've also looked on the xFi app for and QoS (Quality of Service) setting but i cant find it anywhere, 
Any help will be greatly appriciated and it would mean so much!

Edit:  Also to mention i have the internet packet Xtreme Pro if that needs to be said!

There are no QOS features with the Comcast provided gateway devices.

Desparately trying to make sure my WFH laptop gets top priority over other devices without simply disconnecting the other devices, does no QoS mean this is not possible to set up a priority device?


If not, is this something that can be offered in the future?


Re: Trying to set priority bandwidth to my device.

Right. You'll have to get your own equipment for that feature.

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