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Re: Slow upload on Blast internet

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Re: Slow upload on Blast internet

I am having similar issues on my end and did not want to create a new thread.


We have the Blast Tier, which states 250mbps/10mbps... however, we were told we would be getting 300mbps downstream...  I don't remember what the Upload was nor really have any concerns, we do not upload much at all.


We have 3 PC's hardlined in, and they all get approximately 100mbps/10mbps (pictured). However, I recently purchased a new ethernet cable for the PC in the room with our Modem since the PC does not have a Wireless Card, plus it is our main PC that I game with. I built this new PC in December, it's an AMD Ryzen 5 6-Core @ 3.2GHz w/ 16GB DDR4 RAM. I had to replace my old AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core due to some of the newest games mandating newer CPU's.


I was always getting roughly 90-100mbps downstream, after plugging in my new ethernet cable yesterday since I needed a longer cable so I could properly run it and conceal it.. I did a test and immediately got 300mbps down, which I've NEVER gotten. Unfortunately, moments later I did another test and it was back down to 90-100mbps.


We picked up a newer Arris TG1682G Modem/Router earlier this year. I am confused to as why our WiFi is great in our house (300mbps) all around.. besides our kitchen which seems like a dead-spot and we have a lot of issues in that room. I am just curious to why our hardlined PC's only get about 100mbps downstream, how was it possible I got 300mbps down briefly?


It's just odd, like I've stated everything has been stable, really no complaints, but is there something capping our hardlined PC's? If the Modem/Router can give off the advertised 300mbps via WiFi in roughly 90% of our house (kitchen is an issue)... why do our PC's connected via ethernet cables only get roughly 100mbps down? To be honest, we probably do not need anymore, our speeds are fine for everyone for what they do.. which is little to nothing, daily web browsing, etc. But I would like to know why or how to get my main PC to consistently regain the 300mbps downstream.


I just do not know what the issue is, I've tested a couple different PC systems we have, most are all Windows 7, we have one w/ Windows 10 (main PC). It just hasn't seemed to matter regardless of what PC, what ethernet cable we use, etc... I've performed the tests during "idle" hours where nobody else in the house was using the internet to ensure no disruptions... Apologies for the lengthy post, I am just confused as to why every PC hardlined in does not pull 300mbps down, or at least consistently give us 150-200+ mbps downstream... just seems odd!





These 2 tests were ran within minutes of each other, from the same PC, hardlined in, same new 50ft ethernet cable....

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Re: Slow upload on Blast internet

Hi burnem, thank you for reaching out and I would like to review this further on my side.  Please send me a private message with your account information (your name and phone number). 


Thank you 

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