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Re: Packet loss affecting everyone in the area

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Re: Packet loss affecting everyone in the area

Locked at half channels and a max download speed of 30mb since yesterday around 5PM EST, hard rebooted modem several times and disconnected completely for 30 mins:


 Time   Priority   Description 
 Time Not Established   Critical (3)   No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-MAC=00:40:36:5... 
 Sat Apr 20 01:18:16 2019    Critical (3)   Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received -... 
 Time Not Established   Critical (3)   No Ranging Response received - T3 time-out;CM-MAC=00:40:36:5... 
 Time Not Established   Notice (6)   Honoring MDD; IP provisioning mode = IPv6 
 Sat Apr 20 07:34:51 2019    Warning (5)   Unicast DSID PSN startup error 
 Sat Apr 20 08:18:53 2019    Critical (3)   Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received -... 
 Sat Apr 20 08:47:02 2019    Warning (5)   MDD message timeout;CM-MAC=00:40:36:56:97:85;CMTS-MAC=00:cc:... 
 Sat Apr 20 08:53:24 2019    Critical (3)   Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received -... 
 Sat Apr 20 09:36:32 2019    Warning (5)   MDD message timeout;CM-MAC=00:40:36:56:97:85;CMTS-MAC=00:cc:... 

   Startup Sequence    
   Startup Step Status Comment

   Acquire Downstream Channel 495000000 Hz Locked
   Upstream Connection OK Operational
   Boot State OK Operational

   Configuration File OK
   Security Enabled BPI+

   Connection Status    
   System Up Time 0 days 02h:02m:42s  
   Network Access Allowed  

   Downstream Bonded Channels  
   Channel Lock Status Modulation Channel ID Freq. (MHz) Pwr (dBmV) SNR (d Corrected Uncorrected
1 Locked QAM256 5 495.0 6.0 41.8 225 0
2 Locked QAM256 1 471.0 5.5 40.5 493 0
3 Locked QAM256 2 477.0 5.5 41.9 456 19
4 Locked QAM256 3 483.0 5.6 40.4 352 0
5 Locked QAM256 4 489.0 5.9 40.4 341 0
6 Locked QAM256 6 507.0 6.4 37.7 233 0
7 Locked QAM256 7 513.0 6.3 32.1 496 9
8 Locked QAM256 8 519.0 6.4 26.8 58984409 2805939
9 Not Locked Unknown 0 525.0 0.0 0.0 0 0
10 Not Locked Unknown 0 531.0 0.0 0.0 0 0
11 Not Locked Unknown 0 537.0 0.0 0.0 0 0
12 Not Locked Unknown 0 543.0 0.0 0.0 0 0
13 Not Locked Unknown 0 555.0 0.0 0.0 0 0
14 Not Locked Unknown 0 561.0 0.0 0.0 0 0
15 Not Locked Unknown 0 567.0 0.0 0.0 0 0
16 Not Locked Unknown 0 573.0 0.0 0.0 0 0
Total             58987005 2805967

   Upstream Bonded Channels  
   Channel Lock Status Channel Type Channel ID Symb. Rate (Ksym/sec) Freq. (MHz) Pwr (dBmV)
1 Locked ATDMA 1 5120 35.8 45.3
2 Locked ATDMA 2 5120 29.4 42.3
3 Locked ATDMA 3 5120 23.0 39.3
4 Locked ATDMA 4 5120 16.6 36.8


Can a Comcast technician/moderator review this?

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Re: Packet loss affecting everyone in the area

10 downstream channels have out of spec SNR (too low), and your upstream channels have a large amount of tilt (too much level variation). Please see Connection Troubleshooting Tips.

If you can't find the problem or you'd rather have Comcast do the troubleshooting, call them at the phone number on your bill or 1-800-Comcast, or chat with them using the Internet Support option at Chances are they won't be able to fix this remotely. If they can't, insist they send a tech out to identify the cause and correct it. Problems with Internet signals are often due to a poor connection between your equipment and Comcast's network, usually in or near your home.

If the tech finds bad coax, splitters, amplifiers, or connections in your home (even if Comcast originally supplied them) you'll probably have to pay for the visit unless you have their Service Protection Plan (, closed to customers that don't already have it). If the trouble is due to a faulty Comcast rental device, or anything outside your home, you shouldn't be charged.

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Re: Packet loss affecting everyone in the area



I just saw your response as this thread is in 2 different forum locations, that is not the case as I have had 5 Comcast techs out here since January 2019, there is no noise or ingress on my internal and external wiring, using the analyzer device that all field techs have equipped, they plugged into the port at the telephone pole, he had to bring out a ladder that extended 15+ feet to reach the lines running through the neighorhood, and saw all the errors and flux coming from the Comcast line. The original ticket was called into the xfc or hfc help desk by the Comcast field technician and opened in January. When I called in for a credit for the month, they kept inisting they have to dispatch a technician regardless, so in order to get the credit for half the month of service - I agreed. Since then I have had 2-3 more technicians out here, they test all the internal and external wiring, and recreate the tips of the cables. When they realize the issue is not internal, they get their ladder and go up the wooden telephone/cable pole, they plug into a small grey box connected to the Comcast lines that 4 coax outputs, they run test on the analyze device and come back with tons of errors/red lines, the tech then calls the same xfc or hfc help desk to create a ticket but it told he cant because a ticket is ALREADY opened for this account number, the techs then have to hang up as theres nothing they can do and leave, they tell me all I can do is wait because issue has to be fixed by maintenance and thats an entire different department.

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Re: Packet loss affecting everyone in the area



Why isn't this thread being responsed to by a Comcast employee/forum moderator?


Re: Packet loss affecting everyone in the area

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