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Re: Inability to achieve Gigabit Speeds

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Re: Inability to achieve Gigabit Speeds

Did they ever get this fixed for you?  I have now gone through 4 (Netgear CM1000, Netgear CM1200, Arris SB8200, and now a Motorola MB8600) different modems trying to get this fabled 1Gig speed (which I  know is  920-980Mbps) I have hade 5 techs out to my house the cable going to my modem is get 1200Mbps according to the testing device.  Sometimes after numerous modem  resets I get 960Mbps down for about 10 mins then it goes right back to 220-260Mbps down.  I have told Comcast that the issue is in the office somewhere but no one listens  (Just like I doubt anyone will respond to this).   It literaly seems like it is getting throttled at the head end but I can never get someone who can check that issue.  I keep getting told the line is fine.  I get the same issues if I am plugged into my gear or directly into the back of the cable modem. 


Annotation 2019-08-21 191108.jpg

That is the sofware installed on the modem.  Below are my signals


Annotation 2019-08-21 191225.jpg


Just wish I could get what I pay for.  GUESS COMCAST GIG SPEED IS A MYTH IN SWFL!!


If comcast would like to contact please do.  But sending out a tech is not the answer.


Re: Inability to achieve Gigabit Speeds

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