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Re: Constant Wifi Drops CGM4140COM, firewall logs show IPV6 Forward & Input drops

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Re: Constant Wifi Drops CGM4140COM, firewall logs show IPV6 Forward & Input drops

We have had this before and after updating older gateway with router to xFi system constantly and it’s not only frustrating, it’s expensive. We have a 1 story 1900 sqft home, have added “pods” which minimally do nothing but likely cause more trouble. I literally can do a 180 in my kitchen while working on my now Xfinity iPhone and lose everything bc our dedicated signal tries to switch to public Xfinity and now suddenly a third all caps appears and sometimes connects but no data goes thru, or you can’t load urls, open apps, etc which stinks for our home convenience and safety WiFi based apps like ring, nest, etc.

It’s expensive in that our att phones mostly used at home or with Xfinity hotspots (also an issue) had Dara overages for about a year before I had it and paid $2,000 to get out of contract after 20 years bc no unlimited, and at home using WiFi with cell back up, it’s never obvious on a phone that you’re mostly running on data and paying a huge penalty for exceeding. Max gigs.

So paid for family to get 4 new Xfinity iPhones, sold att new phones at huge loss on 2ndary market, for unlimited plan with Xfinity, still mostly used at home, university w WiFi, in Audi with WiFi signal, etc. now for past 2 months I get slowed down by Xfinity for exceeding 20 gigs months 4-5 of switch only because their home system, pods and all dumps me and leans on data inspite of pods, gateway, 3 string Xfinity signals in area.

We mostly work from home and we’ve missed calendar updates and other vital info from this. And to pay what we’re paying, you shouldn’t have to have a high level IT background or trouble shoot it yourself for hours and hours only to. Find the the hacks you figured out like airplane mode on on home signal or whatever no longer work bc hotspots had a new security profile that you only found by accident and then only if your data was updating.

I really hope someone actually answers you. I found your comment bc after iOS update it all went from bad to worse. I went on. XFi app and under internet went to”advanced setting” which we no longer have I guess. It mentions the ipv4/6 stuff and incompatibility disclosure buried under “read more” tells you to contact device manufacturer (of what device) to find out how to disable or ignore 6 for now. Not an option and wouldn’t work.

Thank you for posting.
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Re: Constant Wifi Drops CGM4140COM, firewall logs show IPV6 Forward & Input drops

Susancase, thanks for posting. We value you as a customer especially one who is also an XFINITY Mobile customer! I'd be happy to take a look at your service issues in your home. It sounds like to me that channel interference is playing a large role in your reception issues at home and would explain the issues you're seeing with the pods and with your XFINITY Mobile service. Please send me a private message with your full name for help. Just click my name and then on the next page, you'll see an option to send me a private message on the top right hand side.  

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