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Re: Arris Modem Keep Rebooting

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Re: Arris Modem Keep Rebooting

My Arris Surfboard keeps power cycling. There has been maintenance in the area all day and neighbors have reported spotty service. Is the power cycling a result of damage? The modem is not making a connection when it powers on. The power light blinks and then reboots after about a minute. It also happens whether the cable is connected or not.
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Re: Arris Modem Keep Rebooting

@adamnh wrote: ... happens whether the cable is connected or not.

That suggests a problem with your connection to Comcast's network.


If you want to troubleshoot this yourself, please see Internet Troubleshooting Tips. If you can't find the problem or you'd rather have Comcast take care of it, call them at the phone number on your bill or 1-800-Comcast, or use one of the options on It's not likely they can fix the problem remotely. If not, insist they send a tech out to identify the cause and correct it.

If the tech finds bad coax, splitters, amplifiers, or connections in your home (even if Comcast originally supplied them) you'll probably have to pay for the visit unless you have their Service Protection Plan (, closed to customers that don't already have it). If the trouble is due to a faulty Comcast rental device or anything outside your home you shouldn't be charged.