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Randomly Getting Disconnected from Online Games, Voice Calls

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Randomly Getting Disconnected from Online Games, Voice Calls

Hello all,


My family recently switched our modem/router after the last one was not working properly. So far, our internet has been much faster and better than the last one, yet I've encountered a very strange problem within the past 24 hours. When I'm playing League of Legends (online game), or I am in an online voice call using Discord, I will disconnect from the game/call randomly. If I leave the call/game and manually attempt to reconnect, it immediately works properly again, until it recurs. Basically, I have a perfectly acceptable ping and everything is functioning as intended, until I get thrown from the game/call at unpredictable intervals.


The device where this is occurring is a Mac Mini, connected over Wifi. As previously mentioned, I have not encountered any other problems besides this one, and my internet is consistently running at a high speed.


Does anyone know why this is happening or how I can prevent this from occurring? Thank you.