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Random connection issues - started with NORDVPN

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Random connection issues - started with NORDVPN

I don't know if this is related but a few weeks ago, (about when I started using NORDVPN) my hardwire and wi-fi drops for ~20 minutes, at random times during the day.

A tech has been out a few times; replaced an older splitter, and some fittings.  He noticed some odd line "math" (on street) but unsure f that related (he was following up with someone). The 3rd tech comes tomorrow.


What is odd is that I lost network today (hardwire and wi-fi on cell phones), yet Alexa (Echo dot) seemed to work .   But I was able to connect (hardwire) using NORDVPN and and with my cell phone wi-fi (jusing NORDVPN).  I was also able to connect with my work laptop using their secure VPN (hardwire too). 



So since my network seemed to be down (Playstation 4 would not work nor would hardwired computer without VPN) but I was abel to connect using various VPNs apps, I wonder if that is related?