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Random Disconnects 2PM through evening

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Random Disconnects 2PM through evening

Hi Guys,


This issue has been plaguing us for a few months, potentially since start of service but I'm working from home now and this issue is causing me great distress.


From around 2pm until 3pm the service is very unstable disconnecting 2-5 times in this hour alone, and a further 2-5 disconnects throughout the rest of the day. It seems to be fairly stable in the mornings but it is at midafternoon that it looses the will to work.


I have the ARRIS SB6183 Modem and tp-link AC1750 Archer C8 Router


The internet will restore in 5-10 minutes after dropping automatically, or a restart of the modem will bring it back online within 5 minutes. Restarting the router has no affect on either reconnection method.


I am in an apartment building so no way for me to know what the connection between my abode and the drop is but Im am connected directly to the wall socket installed for the coax.


This is my first communcation I would like to see if there is anything to do before invloving a tech, or at least have some information to know what questions to ask to make the most of the tech visit.


In the following screenshots the times are 1 hour earlier than actual.



Joy of joys. The internet died while writing this post too. Re-uplaoded images.Error LogError LogSignlas PageSignlas Page


Images on Imgur if the above uploads still aren't working:

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Re: Random Disconnects 2PM through evening

First time dying early in the morning from my memory today, though yesterday was slightly less bad than usual. Further screenshots below.


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