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Port forwarding edit errors

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Port forwarding edit errors

Before you tell me how to port forward, that isnt the issue. The issue is that when I go into the "edit" port forwarding I receive the same message for more than 3 weeks now 


We're Having Some Trouble

Please wait a few minutes and try again or restart your Gateway.



I have restarted countless times, I have tried to allow router to update, I have waiting far more than a FEW minutes. 


I had a completely functioning Ark server for my kids for 6 months, it was set up a year ago by an IT paid service. They stopped playing and I merely turned off the computer. Turned it back on, changed nothing, and the server is only allowing LAN, so thier friends cannot join. I have tried every troublshooting idea possible (multiple times) all my settings are correct.


I thought I would delete my port forwarding and just re-set up, but I cannot change, edit, delete or anything as this error never leaves.


Why am I getting this error message?


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Re: Port forwarding edit errors

did you ever get it working? im currently having the same issue. i checked my ports i even restored my router to default settings. im currently waiting on an upgraded modem the x87 intstead of the x86.