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Poor Internet Speeds and Signal Drops

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Poor Internet Speeds and Signal Drops



I have been having poor internet quality for a few months now. In the past I've been able to correct the issue by removing the coax able from the modem, waiting for the modem to flash, then turning it off and reconnecting the cable and turning it back on. However in the last few weeks it's been getting worse and worse and no amount of restarting the modem seems to help.


I have not had a Comcast tech on-site yet. I've chatted with Comcast support a few times and they've reset the modem but it hasn't helped.


I have a router, but all of the information below is from my computer being connected directly to the modem.


Equipment Details:

Modem Make/Model:  ARRIS SB6190

Plan Speed: 150 Mbps


Upstream and downstream signal levels:


Error Logs:




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Re: Poor Internet Speeds and Signal Drops

You didn’t say how your cable is set up (splitters, amps etc). But your downstream signals are way out of spec(and on some channels non-existent), the downstream SNR on all channels is equally out of spec and your upstream signals are out of spec too. Make sure your cables are in good condition and remove any unnecessary splitters to see if it improves. If not, you’ll need a tech

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