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Phone keeps saying password is incorrect

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Phone keeps saying password is incorrect

My IPhone 6s will connect for a while but then loose connection and when I go to reconnect it says password is incorrect. I have other devices connected in the same room so it’s not to far away. I have restarted the router and that will work for maybe an hour then back to the way it is. I have done everything I feel Like on my phones side by resetting my network settings and still no luck. I read that it could be something to do with what WiFi channel or something I have My 2.4 or 5.0 ghz set to. Then it also might be because I have used a Xfinity hotspot before and there is one that pops up and I can see it. Any information would be helpful.


Re: Phone keeps saying password is incorrect

Try forgetting that hotspot in the Iphone's settings.

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