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Packet Loss/Lag continues while gaming

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Packet Loss/Lag continues while gaming

So I have been writing posts on Reddit over the course of the last few months as I have been having lag issues/packet loss/ISP problems...


As I thought it was my router/modem initially causing the issue, I have yet to find out what is really causing the issue. While playing Fortnite, I am getting severe packet loss(anywhere from 1%-20% & spikes that go all the way up to 80% at times).

My ISP is Xfinity and I live in New Jersey. Like I said at first I thought the issue was because I had a faulty modem/router. I got the brand new CM1000 modem and the brand new XR500 gaming router. That didn't solve the issue.


I thought maybe then there is something wrong as far as my ISP. A technician came out to the house, and apparently there was a problem with the line outside of the house in the yard, so they said it should be pretty much fixed after working on it for about 30 minutes.


I am still lagging and have bad packet loss while gaming. I checked all of my wires like the ethernet cable, the coaxial cable connected from the outlet to the modem, and since they are almost brand new I know it is not the cables. I have researched cmd commands to see how I am connecting and pinging to google and to my IP address. There is 0% packet loss when I do that.


I have updated all drivers in the PC(literally everything). All firmware/updates are up to date as far as my router and modem.

My settings in game are perfectly fine and I am connected to NA East servers in game, as I should be since I'm located in New Jersey. So why could I be having the bad of an issue still??


My setup:

Coaxial cable in coaxial port in wall ----> CM1000 modem ----> ethernet cable from CM1000 ----> XR500 router(internet port) ----> another ethernet cable from XR500 ----> gaming PC -


Side note: My setup is in my bedroom. I have another setup in my house for my mother's work station in another room with the main Xfinity gateway set up there. So yes, I have 2 different modem/routers in the same house under the same Xfinity account. People say this is what could be causing the issue, but I know it is not the issue because when I connect to the Xfinity gateway via WiFi, I still get the same exact issues. And that is with my setup in my bedroom completely disconnected and not active/running.


I also cannot even call Xfinity back over even if they needed to fix something as my mother thinks that I am messing with her internet every time that I call the technician over to fix whatever is wrong. And even though the technician says that there are issues(like in the yard outside), she still doesn't want me to mess with it anymore...


So what could be my options here? -

Does a VPN do anything to help?

Are there other tests or similar that I can run to get me a better understanding of what the main source of packet loss is coming from?

Could it just be the servers in general on Fortnite because I can almost tell you that I don't lag as bad in other games such as Call of Duty(almost 100% sure on this one).


As an update from the above information; - within the last few days, I have put an extensive amount of time to research what could be happening, but when it comes down to it, I am not a ISP technician that comprehends all of the terminology that is needed to correct the issue. However, I am going to list some of the tests/other things that I researched and the one specific test that I find to be the most valuable below(PingPlotter) -


I have a screenshot of my modem(CM1000) event log if needed.

I have a screenshot of my modem's status page - to check the specific signal levels.

I have verified my speed tier that I am subscribed to - meaning that I am supposed to a download/upload of 600/15. I get even more - up to 700/20 most of the time.

I have a screenshot of the traceroute that I ran to in the command prompt window.

I inspected all of my wiring/coaxial cable port inside and out to double check that I don't have faulty or damaged equipment for sure.

I have tried port forwarding in my XR500 router to Fortnite's PC's TCP/UDP's specific numbers.

I have clearly did the obvious and properly reset the network - following everything that is in this link here - as it was written by an expert troubleshooter that doesn't work for Xfinity though.


**I also really notice that I get worse packet loss by a large margin at night/late at night when I game the most(usually after 7/8pm EST through the night).

And from what I have read in Xfinity forums, nobody that has this very similar issue has figured out how to solve it... apparently it has to escalated to the higher ups and that is far from what I am trying to do, but at the end of the day all I want is to not have to worry about his packet loss and lag every single day.


Thank you guys so much in advance!



Netgear CM1000 Modem

Netgear Nighthawk XR500 Gaming Router

Brand new custom built gaming PC(everything up to date)

Fully functional/pretty much new, ethernet cables(CAT 6/CAT 5E)

Fully functional/no signs of wear, coaxial cable

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Re: Packet Loss/Lag continues while gaming

Have you been able to solve this?