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Outages have messed up my internet

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Outages have messed up my internet

I've been using xfinity for a while and have been satisfied until last week.


Last week, there was an outage in my area. After the internet was restored, I noticed that it wasn't working as it used to. The connection was dropping every so often and when I ran speed tests, there was a lot of fluctuation with speed dropping from 80 mpbs to 0.1 mbps and so on.


Comcast sent over a technician who tested my equipment and determined the issue is related more to the source signal. When he directly plugged his meter to the coax outlet, he was getting speeds of about 100 mpbs instead of the 1200 mpbs he should normally see. He said his work was done and he would get back to me on the next steps.


Well, the problem seemed to work itself out, but today on Thanksgiving, there is another outage. Only this time, when internet was restored, the problem got even worse than before. My speeds are rubbish and the connection keeps dropping within 5 minutes and the modem restarts.


Any advice on what could be done besides waiting for another technician visit?

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Re: Outages have messed up my internet

Are you connecting via Wifi or Ethernet? If Wifi, it's best to switch to an Ethernet cable connection if possible. That would allow you to determine whether the problem is with the Wifi signal, or with the link between your equipment and Comcast's network. Network connection problems that affect both Ethernet and Wifi devices are often due to poor coax connections, usually in or near your home.

If you want to troubleshoot this yourself, please see Connection Troubleshooting Tips. If you still need help, please provide Information Requested for Connection-Related Posts, especially downstream power levels and SNR, upstream power levels, and error log.