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Only my laptops get internet connectivity

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Only my laptops get internet connectivity

My Mac laptops are able to connect to the internet. All my other devices, smart tv, kindle fire, wireless routers, are not being assigned IP addresses from Comcast.

I spoke to someone from Comcast who said he detected a problem with the “filter” and a technician will he sent out. Ten days ago they sent a technician out who said the problem was my modem (that I own). I purchased a new modem from Best Buy (arris surfboard sb6183) and a new netgear wireless router. Then today I got this story about this filter.

Very odd that the laptops work but nothing else will. Anyone ever hear of this kind of thing?

Re: Only my laptops get internet connectivity

Do you have both 2.4g and 5g enabled? Some devices can only use the 2.4g wifi band, if you have them combined you will have separate them so you can choose the right one for your device, for a example my TV only uses the 2.4 band