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Online Gaming

I have an ongoing issue that is been going on for some time now. I cannot think of anything else so I figured I would try here. I am having constant technical issues while playing certain online games with my xbox one. My latency in-game always says it is around 20-30ms but the gameplay is super slugish and feels like all of my movements on screen are slow. This only happens however when I play certain players in 1v1 matches which are taking place on dedicated servers and P2P. For example if I play player A, B, C, and D. A, B, and C are fine but I am having issues with player D. Everytime I play this person I get these slugish games and every time I play the others it is fine. This is not location based like they are in the UK or anything, these types of games have happened with players from the same town and state. 


I have tried so many troublehsooting steps, setting changes in my router and nothing has helped. I have opened the correct ports, DMZed my xbox on my router, purchased other types of routers to try and help. None of these have helped. Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this issue.  

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Re: Online Gaming

There is alot of variables at pay when playing an online game.

Location of server hosting

Speed of both parties

How the game is actually programmed, does it wait for responmses from each player or does the server decide?


IF you latecy is showing 20-30 ms, your other connections are fine etc there may not be an ISP "issue". 


The best things you can do are..
  - Make sure you are wired into the router using a Cat5e or newer cable

  - Make sure any port forwarding for that game is done so there are no restrictions on the firewall

  - Disable QoS on your network or give the port your game console/pc is plugged into highest priortiy 


If you are still having issues contact the game devloper for support, alot fo developers have forums just like this one and someone may be able to help troubleshoot while collecting data from a multiplyer match. 


 One other thing you can try, it's kind of a long shot but if the game requires connection to a server find the regional location and set up a VPN on your router to a node in that location. This can help solve some latency issues. 


I hope you find your solution!