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OnDemand vs. TVGo out of home

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OnDemand vs. TVGo out of home



I'm really confused about what is counting against my data usage. I have searced all the boards and cannot find where/what I am looking for. I use the OnDemand website to watch most of my tv at home. I also am used to accessing OnDemand from places such as Panera or Starbucks while I study. I usually connect to my xfinity wifi, as there are tons of hotspots around my city. I do not know if this access outside of my home counts against my data limit. Does anyone know? Does it matter if I am on the Panera/Starbucks wifi or if I use the actual xfinity wifi? I do not know if where I am is an X1 market or not. I would assume so. It's Little Rock. 




Re: OnDemand vs. TVGo out of home

Supposedly, the data used through their public WiFi hotspots does not count toward your home network's usage.