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Not receiving speed upgrade as promised

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Not receiving speed upgrade as promised

I received an email from Comcast stating that my internet speed has been increased from 150 Mbps to 250 Mbps in what appears to be a free speed upgrade.  I followed the instructions and restarted my modem several times.  I'm still not receiving the new speeds.

I've tried verifying using the Comcast speed test and ookla but I'm still capping out at 125Mbps down, and 20-23 Mbps up.


I tried contacting support via online chat and they claim I don't have 250Mbps speeds and then tried to upsell me on a new contract with those speeds.  They wouldn't or couldn't let me forward in the email that Comcast sent me.


I do have a Netgear Orbi router in the mix here but that should be more than sufficient to hit 250 Mbps on the wan here.



- Is this a marketing ploy from Comcast to try to get me to sign a new contract or is this speed upgrade truly free and I should have it by now?


- Has anyone experienced this issue before where restarting the modem didn't active the new speeds?  If so, how did you resolve it?


Screenshots attached.




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Re: Not receiving speed upgrade as promised

Yea I got same emails saying to get speed increase just restart modem. Then talked to agents (plural) and they tried to sell more services saying I dont have the 250 mbps plan. Seems to be a marketing ploy alright.