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New modem reset

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New modem reset

Just bought a new modem to replace the one Xfinity charges me $10 each month.  It is exactly the same as what they have.  I have Internet and phone.  They got the MAC addresses switched betweem  what iis used for Internet and phone.  This caused the system to show errors.  They got the modem reset to work with the Internet but they told me to get the phones to work they have to reset all the information in their system and then reset the modem.  BUT the modem and system will take 24hrs to fully reset.  BOTTOMLINE; We will be out of Internet and phones for 24hrs.  I really do not care if that happens with the phone but to be without Internet for that long is nuts....we both use the Internet for our work.

There should be a way to push this through the system faster.

Even DNS servers work in a matter of minutes no days.