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New & would appreciate best wifi set-up suggestions

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New & would appreciate best wifi set-up suggestions

Hello, I'm new to Xfinity. Just switched last week from Verizon Fios.  I live just outside of Pittsburgh PA.  I chose internet (75mbps) and TV with one DVR and renting gateway which is an Arris TG1682G for $10/monthly. I like the TV better and the wifi is average.  


A problem I have is that wifi signal is weak in my upstairs office and in den. I had the same issue with Fios and fixed it by adding an Anctiontec WCB3000N wifi extender-I put it in the den and it attached via coax(not ethernet)-this solved my issue-this solved my issue as I got a strong signal in the den and on my office. It was also nice because the kids hooked their xboxes into the wifi extender via ethernet.  


What are my choices?  I keep seeing the xFi gateway from Xfinity and it looks like it would solve my issue. I'm not sure how to get this and if I need to upgrade my wifi speed from 75mbps to something higher? 


I was also considering to cascade another router to the den but I believe I'd have to run an ethernet cable to it from my existing Xfinity gateway as I can't hook it up with coax like I did with the actiontec wifi extender. I could manage doing this but it would still be a pain.


Or, I could purchase a Linksys Velop whole home mesh wifi system although it's very expensive.


I do have three kids and a wife who are always connected and our house, is a two story and average size, maybe 1850 sf.  


Any suggestions would be appreciated. I attemnpted to call xfinity and realized that would go nowhere. I do have an xfinity store about 8 miles away and I was going to ask them although I thought I would ask here first.

Thanks very much in advance.



Re: New & would appreciate best wifi set-up suggestions

Personally, I would go with a mesh system like the one you mentioned or the Netgear Orbi.