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Network name has 2 or 3 appended to it

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Network name has 2 or 3 appended to it

Occasionally, my Comcast home network appears with a 2 or 3 appended to the name. When this happens, network access is only partially functional, if at all. Some devices can fully access the internet, and other devices can access some web sites but not others.


Several posts have explained why this occurs, but none have explained how to fix it. Rebooting the modem and the device (PC) does not always help. The problem affects both wired and wireless connections. Usually the problem comes and goes by itself over time. A solution which may have worked (only tried once so far) is to "Forget" all networks, reboot, and reconnect. 


Can anyone confirm a fix, or better yet, a way to prevent the situation in the first place?




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