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Netgear CM1000 Issue - Multiple Attempts

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Netgear CM1000 Issue - Multiple Attempts

I honestly can't handle another phone call with Comcast support and this is my last attempt before switching to a new provider.


I bought my Netgear CM1000 and tried the self activation with Comcast but the modem would keep cycling between downlink led flash then acquire, uplink led flash then acquire, intenet connect led flash and then stop and the loop would start all over again with the downlink led flash.


I've had two techs come out ( one claims to have ran new lines because ours were "chipped" ) and claim to have "fixed" the issue but still no luck. I've exchanged the Netgear modem THREE times at BestBuy already and even tried a modem from Arris. I find it odd that a Comcast modem works perfectly...


After taking two days off from work to meet with techs and wasting hours on the phone with support I'm giving this one more go before I switch providers. I've attempted to talk to a supervisor on more than one occasion but was put on hold for over 30+ minutes before hanging up.


Anybody got some ideas?