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Need more upload speed with my Gigabit Package

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Need more upload speed with my Gigabit Package

Hi im a streamer for YouTube & Twitch & With my Gigabit package i only get 40 upload which in my opinion in my area that offers gigabit thats straight garbage can. Reasonable upload for a Gigabit is like 100-300. Some do 1 Gig with 500MB Up. Like i wish i could request more upload but these agents say nobody in the company can give me more upload speed or edit package.

Excuse me. So only the CEO that owns comcast is the only one that can change packages or accept Content creators not home users that request higher upload speed. Thats what it looks like to me & thats pretty dumb like seriously 35MB Up that goes up to 40MB for Gigabit is a joke to me. I wish theres somebody that could accept my request for more upload cuz thats pretty disappointing as a customer i pay so much for unnecessary download just to get the upload i need. An my gaming streams still get Pixelation in some times while playing. An the grainyness is awful. Like serious comcast help me out. Clearly 35 up is not cutting it at 1080p60. Im like the only user that uses my network. Only my PC & PS4 is connected landlined an all the ports are opened up on my PC.

Re: Need more upload speed with my Gigabit Package

The current upstream / return path bandwidth spectrum allocation on DOCSIS is physically limited. It's the nature of the beast. This why there isn't as much flexibility with offering faster upload speeds compared to the download.

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