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Need an answer on wiring maintenance

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Need an answer on wiring maintenance

I've been having problems with connectivity in my house.  The internet goes out about 5 times a day at a minimum and when the internet goes out, you can't change the channels on the tv's .  I has two techs come to the house.  The first one comes, does some rewiring and says all is ok.  An hour after he leaves, the internet goes out again.  Second tech come and does some more wiring and says you should be fine.  Of course the internet goes out again.  The third tech comes and looks around and says we need rewiring from the pole and he has put in a maintenance request.  He said they should come within 48 hours.  Its been 5 days and no one has shown up.


I have called customer service but they say they want to send a tech to the house.  I told them I'm scheduled for a maintenace visit but they have no record of that.  Does anyone know who I can contact to see if a maintenance visit is scheduled.  Regular customer service has no idea


Any help would be appreciated.