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Motorola SB6141 Indicator Lights

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Motorola SB6141 Indicator Lights

Hi all,

Not sure if anyone else has noticed odd colors on their indicator lights. I should preface this thread with the fact that I'm getting nearly perfect speeds. I'm on the Blast package, and am getting over 50mbps when directly connected to my computer via Ethernet, and over 25mbps on my WRT54G (don't judge me, I intend on purchasing a Nighthawk AC1900 soon). As I said, no connectivity issues, nor loss in service after checking the logs through accessing the modems terminal. I'm merely perplexed by the light indicator output on the modem. They are as follows:

Power - Amber
Downstream - Blue
Upstream - Blue
Internet - Amber
Ethernet Port - Blinking Amber (Due to WRT54G, Blue when connected directly to computer)

I really want to see if anyone else has experienced this issue. I'm not overly concerned since my speeds are fine, and no loss of service, but I'm a bit perplexed by the odd indicator lights.

Note;: I have the white SB6141 Surfboard Modem 400 Series purchased through Best Buy.
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Re: Motorola SB6141 Indicator Lights

The blue on upstream and downstream mean you are getting bonded channels.


The amber on the connection means it is 100Base-T (100 Mbps) and blue when connected directly to the computer 1000Base-T (gigabit).


The router probably only does 100Base-T. So the router is probably the reason for the lower speed. The Wireless G is the reason. Can only go up to 54 Mbps on the best conditions on wireless. Unlikely to get it though.  Might only get around the 25 Mbps on wireless on the router as the WAN port is 100Base-T too.

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Re: Motorola SB6141 Indicator Lights

Thanks for the prompt response,

So if I understand correctly, once I switch to the Nighthawk, It will revert to blue due to the higher speed output?

Also, is there a router you would recommend aside from the Nighthawk paired with the SB6141?

Side note, and entirely unrelated to the indicator lights. I'm noticing that in the config tab the Modem IP Mode is set to "IPV6 Only". This won't affect anything necessarily will it?

I appreciate the help!
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Re: Motorola SB6141 Indicator Lights

The Wan port on the router you are talking about as well as the other ethernet ports are gigabit ports so yes it should be blue.  You will need at least a Cat-5 or higher rated ethernet cable to connect at gigabit.


The modem is configured by Comcast and that is not an issue.


I don't want to make a recommendation on a router.  There is a review of it below and I am sure there are several other reviews out there to help you decide.    Other good brands of routers are Asus and Buffalo for two.  


Here is a reveiw of it versus a comparable ASUS model


The Manual for that router is here in pdf format.


PC magazine review of that router.,2817,2426296,00.asp


Asus Routers


Buffalo Routers



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Re: Motorola SB6141 Indicator Lights

Sounds good. Much obliged!