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I want to buy just a basic modem so I can sit on my couch with my laptop,phone, or kindle.  Do I need to get a getaway setup, router or what? Would I have wireless for those items or is that what a router does. Also could my grandkids use their phones when they come to visit.


Re: Modems

A few terms:


1. Modem : a device that connects your home network to the Comcast cable system. This takes the cable internet signals and converts them into networking signals, and vice versa, much like what your cable box does with the cable TV signals. 


2. Router: the device that acts as the center of your home network. All your home network devices, whether it be computers, smartphones, tablets, smart appliances, etc, connect to this either by Ethernet (Wired) or WiFi (Wireless). Allows all devices to share a single internet connection supplied by the modem, and manages the connections appropriately. 


3. Gateway: a device that acts as both a router and a modem.


You could buy your own modem +router,  or a gateway,  but if you're unfamiliar with such basic networking concepts, I'm not certain you're the ideal candidate to buy and manage their own home networking devices. You're probably better off just leasing the Comcast gateway, and having everything set up automatically. 

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