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Modem issues

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Modem issues

Ever since I first got my comcast modem, I’ve noticed that the only light that ever shows up on the device is the WiFi light. This wasn’t really an issue until about 2-3 months ago, when I started noticing that the WiFi light has been turning solid (meaning no internet). At first, it happened infrequently, but now, it seems like I’m not connected at least once per week. I’ll come home at night, and I’m still on ‘xfinitywifi’ not my WiFi. I also can tell because my extension has the WiFi indicator light off. Should I swap this out for a new modem?

Re: Modem issues

What do the modem's signal stats look like ? When there is a connection, try getting them here or here

Please post the *Downstream Power Level*, the *Upstream Power Level*, and the *SNR* (Signal to Noise Ratio) numbers.

What is the exact make and model number of the modem ?