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MoCA on XB6 Gateway?

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MoCA on XB6 Gateway?

I currently have 250MB internet speed (Blast!) on my XB3 (TG1682G) gateway with a MoCA connection for a desktop PC.  I'm thinking of upgrading to Gig speed and a XB6 gateway.  Does anyone know if MoCA is enabled and works on the XB6 gateway?  I seem to remember having to whitelist the gateway so the MoCA doesn't get turned off.  Thank you!


Re: MoCA on XB6 Gateway?

It does have the feature but does not work correctly. Regularly disconnects all MoCA devices. Some of them reconnect and some don’t.

EDIT: This MoCA experience is from the Technicolor XB6 (aka XB6-T or the CGM4140COM). I am currently not sure if it happens on the Arris XB6 as well or not.

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