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MoCA assistance

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MoCA assistance

Hi all,

I currently have a PC issued by my work that only allows for internet via ethernet, and isn't compatible with WiFi. I have Xfinity gigabit in the new house I just moved in to but our place isn't wired for internet. The gateway is also too far to run an ethernet cable.


I read about MoCA and purchased this adaptor. My setup currently is XB7 plugged into a splitter plugged into coax upstairs, and then my pc plugged into the adaptor plugged into coax downstairs. My issue is that I'm getting no signal on my PC. On the adaptor, the LAN light blinks but the MoCA light does not turn on.


On my network settings (, I have MoCA enabled but there is a red x by the MoCA entry. I'm not sure what to do. Anyone have any tips?


Re: MoCA assistance

Insure that you are using a MoCA compliant splitter 5 to 1675 MHz such as this

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