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MoCA Preferred Network Controller Question

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MoCA Preferred Network Controller Question

I was hoping someone here or someone from Comcast can help out with this.  I have two X1 DVRs, two XiDs, one Actiontec MoCA adapter and one XB3 Gateway.  Up until recently, the XB3 was always set to be the "Preferred Network Controller".  All was well.  However, recently, it wasn't the preferred network controller.  In the Gateway GUI, it says "NO" for preferred network controller.  Does anyone know why this changed?  


I've included a screenshot of the MoCA Diagnostics Diagram showing the MoCA network.  You'll see red lines along with green lines.  What does the red line indicate?  Those red lines only started showing when the XB3 stopped being the preferred network controller.  When the XB3 IS the preferred network controller, all the lines in the diagram are green.


I did a factory reset on the gateway once and it made the XB3 the preferred network controller again but less than a day later, it stopped being the controller.  Why is this happening?


Is there a way or setting for Comcast Tech Support to make the XB3 the preferred network controller again and have it stay that way?  Any alternatives?  Thanks for your help.


MoCA Diagnostics Diagram.PNG...with the XB3 not being the preferred network controller.