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Manual control removed from Wi-Fi causing many problems for people especially who live in apartments

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Manual control removed from Wi-Fi causing many problems for people especially who live in apartments

My adventure with this problem started just over three months ago now. First indication came from my phone when I was wifi-connected, unlike a tablet or desktop ECT your phone will display Wi-Fi disconnected within seconds if not milliseconds.

My friend miles away reported the same issue, that was the first day to the start of what was to come.

The next day my wink hub disconnected from the network going from solid blue to yellow. Strange, I thought maybe the hub lacked a new firmware upgrade. It was as simple as unplugging the hub plugging it back in to re-establish Wi-Fi network connection.

The issue persist the following day then I noticed my Wi-Fi desktop, printer and security camera had to be manually reconnected to the Wi-Fi network.

It was pretty obvious at this point it wasn't all of these devices failing at once it was a problem with Comcast.

I did there whole gateway reset as that's their fix for everything but woke up to the exact same thing, many devices had to be reconnected!

Being tech savvy especially when it comes to wired or wireless networks I decided to log into the gateway and run a few tests of my own. I also did a Google search and found many people have had this issue.

Logging into my gateway as they call it gave me no option to manually change channels. There was even a message when you selected the wireless option "we are automatically handling wireless channels ECT for the best possible experience"!

Well I ran my own test, living in a apartment they were automatically swapping me from channel 6-11 along with many ppl according to the spectrum analyzer.

Anyone with even basic YouTube learned networking knowledge knows that having that many people stacked up on one channel will create nothing but lag and an unstable connection to name a few.

I have screenshots of their message stating they are taking automatic control for the best experience, test I ran with my own independent and trusted software showing everyone stacked up on the same channel you name it!

I had a tech come out not only for that issue but the DVR that was junk and nothing it was resolved other than a DVR swap which still didn't correct that problem.

Reading through the forums not only on here but also Reddit as well this is a problem they don't want to address nor take blame. Just like the tech support agent I spoke to today who contradicted his self by saying he had to change multiple customers channels on their wireless gateway!

If there is no problem then why are multiple customers requesting a channel change? It differs from city-to-city state-to-state and that option was no longer left up to me there was no way to access it with the current firmware version!

I had to buy my own AC router and put that dinosaur modem / router combo into bridge mode. Since then I've had increased Wi-Fi internet speeds and no dropouts on any of my devices!

I know better when it comes to the Wi-Fi war LOL you don't lose that much bandwidth 5GHz is faster but doesn't reach as far as 2.4. I was lucky to get 110 Mbps before and now I've seen the needle shoot beyond 200 but settles on average around 175 Mbps. Better beamforming and everything!

When I spoke with a real tech today as I stated before he pretty much admitted to the situation then tried to play stupid. The message is right there on your gateway at least in my area "manual control and other features will be handled automatically to give you the best possible experience". If you're having the same problem as me I recommend getting a router unfortunately it's two more cords and another box but it has solved my problems!

I wish I could post my own diagnostics, it would demonstrate the problem and show the solution. Now even on 2.4 I'm not stacked up with numerous people and have the highest strength of Wi-Fi.