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Manage Devices

Now that Comcast has updated its software to enable "Advanced Gateway Control" I can no longer access the ARRIS TG1682G Parental Controls/Manage Devices. Instead I get this message 

Managing your home network settings is now easier than ever.
Visit to enable parental controls for devices connected
to your home network, among many other features and settings.

Which means I can NOT manage one specific device and set time restrictions on it...UNLESS I go to XFinity's cloud interface....which works except THEN I can only "edit bedtime mode restrictions" for that ENTIRE PROFILE....OR seperate out that ONE device into its own seperate "profile" effetcively undermining the use of profiles for that person.....


Question is: How can I still use the built in ARRIS TG1682G Parental Controls/Manage Devices and not be redirected to Xfinifty's cloud controls?


Thank you