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MB8600 Intermittent Latency Issues

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MB8600 Intermittent Latency Issues

Installed this modem towards the end of December 2018.  January and February have been fine up until about EOD Feb 18.  Latency spikes happened for about 12 hours, and it returned to normal.  Has been fine for ~3 days and for the past 8 hours and continuing, I'm getting latency spikes again.  Restarting the modem does not fix the problem.


Latency tests have been run from multiple computers hardwired directly into the cable modem.  I have also replaced the cables, to ensure they weren't faulty.


Modem: Motorola MB8600

Software Version: 8600-


Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 4.13.43 PM.png


30 seconds of Azure Latency test.  Typically this is pretty stable, but when I'm having issues, it's all over the place:




Any help would be much appreciated.