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Loss of internet--but LAN maintained--on hardwired device, wifi connects fine for other devices

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Loss of internet--but LAN maintained--on hardwired device, wifi connects fine for other devices

Here's an odd situation. I have a Windows 10 desktop PC with hardwired ethernet connection into my Xfinity XB7 gateway. Four times in the past 10 days, that PC loses access to internet (WAN) but maintains access to local LAN devices (e.g. network drives, network printer). In addition the many wirelessly connected devices in the house that are using WiFi through that gateway to access the internet maintain internet connectivity just fine even during these times.


If I reboot the gateway, that will fix the problem. Or, if I just wait a bit (sometimes as quick as 3 minutes), that desktop PC will have internet access restored. 


I swapped out ethernet cables and changed ports on the gateway as part of my troubleshooting--but then I remembered there is no way tthat this is a hardware issue with the PC: if it were, the PC would not have connectivity to other devics on my home network (LAN).


And, it's not like the gateway has lost all connection to the internet--since the many wireless devices in my home are still routing via wifi successfully through that gateway to the outside world.


Key plot point: this gateway was just installed 10 days ago--and I never experienced this problem for the prior 2 years on my prior gateway.


I realize the obvious next step is to swap out the gateway, since that is the only thing that has changed in my setup. Still, I'm curious if greater network minds out there might have an explanation of what is going wrong.


I called Xfinity support and sadly got nowhere and received no real interest in troubleshooting the problem. They had me reboot the modem and then ran their tool to determine "the modem has a green light for good health. There is nothing wrong with your modem." I'd hoped there might be someone at a higher level who could check an activity log for the particular time stamps when this is occurring--but the support line doesn't appear to provide access to those folks. (But they were quick to thank me for being a customer for the past 18 years-!- One would hope they'd go above and beyond to sort out an issue for such a loyal customer.)


Thanks in advance for any insights offered.