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Log of websites being accessed on wifi?

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Log of websites being accessed on wifi?


I have a comcast/Xfinity 2 in 1 wifi router/modem.


I previously had a NETGEAR router connected to my cable modem and it was able to be set it up so that i'd receive an e-mail of a text log daily containing all the websites being accessed by the wifi users of my network.


I can't find any similar logs of websites being accessed via the router panel page for this 2 in 1?


Under the trouble shooting tab I see "logs" however just event, firewall and system logs, no website logs.


How do I go about viewing logs of websites being accessed by people connecting to my wifi and/or a more detailed synopsis of what users are doing once they're connected? Are they downloading files? Just visiting websites?


Not sure why this is so hard to find out...i've owned several routers and this was a very simple task.


I run a business and offer free wifi. While it is password protected, I like to make sure people aren't abusing it and view the logs from time to time. How do I accomplish this?


EDIT: btw, the Router is a technicolor 105+ / technicolor TC8305C

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Re: Log of websites being accessed on wifi?

You won't find the features you are looking for in the 8305 or 862.