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Linksys router WRT 1900AC in conflict with xFi Advanced Gateway XB6


Linksys router WRT 1900AC in conflict with xFi Advanced Gateway XB6

The Linksys router WRT 1900AC is sitting next to the Xfinity xFi Advanced Gateway xB6.  A Geek Squad technician said that the internet connection for the Linksys router was stronger than the Xfinity internet connection when he was trying to do some work on the TV.  The two pieces of equipment are on the second floor.  We have had several days of the notice on the TV that the internet connection had dropped, but that isn't happening now for several days.  We do have a couple of dead spots for the internet in the house, not dead, but slow or erratic.

The Geek Squad technician suggested that we remove the connections from the Linksys router and put them into the xB6.  Does this make sense?

The theory is that there are two internet connections in conflict with one another so the issue would be solved by removing one internet connection.  Since the xB6 is both a modem and a router, that would be the piece of equipment to keep. 

My desktop is hardwired to the Linksys and would need to be moved to the xB6.  Is there a connection for this at the back?  Our two computers are older and do not really have the proper equipment to run the 5 GHz connection.  We also cannot upgrade the smart TV until we have a more stable internet connection.


Any suggestions?