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Lights on DPC3941 modem

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Lights on DPC3941 modem

Hi,  I have 2 questions about the lights on my DPC3941 modem.


1.  TEL 2 light has never ever been on, ever.  The other day I noticed it was on solid just like TEL 1 light.  I only have one phone line so why is TEL 2 light now on steady all of a sudden?


2. Wifi lights - they have always blinked but I am curious as to why the topmost of the two sometimes starts blinking more rapidly.  Is that the hotspot indicator and somebody is on it?  Is one of them the 2.4 and the other is the 5.0 and somebody is on it (if not the hotspot that shouldn't happen as I am password protected)


Thank you in advance to anybody who can clue me in.