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Internet speed is terrible with my network

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Internet speed is terrible with my network

I am paying for the blast but only get less than 30 mbps on the which is unacceptable!


I seem to have my rented digital voice modem (XB3 Model DPC3941T DOCSIS 3.0) in the basement (hooked up there 10 years because thats where a phone line was coming in the house i guess)...this is strictly for my digital voice though.  My current wireless network however is on my 1st floor (i own the router and modem). I was told that that the rented modem in the basement is a good one and can be used for everything (my digital voice and a modem router combo).  Is there a way to bring my voice modem upstairs to use for everything and disconnect my owned router & modem?  What would i do with the phone line that is plugged into the voice modem? Do i have to connect an adaptor to it and somehow run like a 50 foot phone line into an upstairs roon where i want the modem to go? Somehwere where i can also plug it into an outlet, as well as near a cable outlet for the coaxial hookup?  This is so confusing to me and i can't seem to figure out why i have network issues, it's almost like the two modems i currently have in use are competing with eachother?


Any ideas?

Thanks so much! 

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Re: Internet speed is terrible with my network

What are you getting for the upload speed ?