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Internet fluctuates a lot during daytime

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Internet fluctuates a lot during daytime

So I have been experiencing this weird internet speed fluctuation lately.

I moved to this place in March, and starting from early August I started to feel this fluctuation. My download speed would drop to around 0.05 Mbs while my upload speed is normal. It remains like this for 10 mins maybe, and it would resume to normal. And then after half an hour or so it would go down to 0.05 again.

I know AT&T just launched their service in the community. Is it possible that this has something to do with them? Also, I generally experience this during daytime(starting from 8 am and would ends when it's night.)


My modem is Netgear CM1000

My router is Netgear Nighthawk R7000

There are usually 4-5 devices connected with QoS off.

Here are some data from my modem

I noticed that this pretty much only happens during daytime, so is it possible that Xfinity is doing some upgrade to the hardware in my area?

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Re: Internet fluctuates a lot during daytime

All of your signal levels are well out of spec (upstream is worse). Pretty much the only thing you can do before having a tech out is see if you have any unnecessary splitters that you can remove or if your modem isn’t coming off the first splitter (if you have multiple) ensure that it is. If those levels don’t improve, have a tech out to troubleshoot further

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