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Internet drops out after EXACTLY 1 hour

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Internet drops out after EXACTLY 1 hour

After being connected to wifi for exactly 1 hour, all of my devices will drop the connection to wifi. I then reconnect and wait 60 minutes until it happens again. I have tried resetting my router and power cycling it. I have also tried plugging it in with an ethernet cable and there does not seem to be a connectivity issue. 


I saw this same question posted on here and it says it was answered,  but it doesn't actually look like it was. This was going on for months and then left for a week for vacation and came back and it seemed to be solved. 2 weeks passed and now I am back to losing connection on the hour. Any idea how to fix this? I have actually called support 2 times about this and they seemed to either not know or not understand


Re: Internet drops out after EXACTLY 1 hour

Check the DHCP IP address lease length / duration time in your router's settings. It may be set for only an hour. If so, set it for the maximum time.

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