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Internet does not work, <Edited>

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Internet does not work, <Edited>

On July 17, 2018 I called to cancel my service as it had not worked in almost 6 weeks. I am a small business and use online payment collections through a website, the internet had been so slow I couldn't even connect to the payment site to collect payments or even do a simple google search. I had been driving 20 minutes to go to my home so I could call people back to accept payment over the phone and to work in between customers since I was unable to work at the office due to no internet. I was told that the speed/connection was slow so they offered to upgrade my internet. What I did NOT know was that in very small print I was signing a 2-year contract. On July 19, 2018 I called to cancel my service as it was still pathetic, again I could not collect payments and therefore my office was not making money. On the 19th I was informed it would be over $2000 to cancel. I'm a small business and since I can't even collect payments from my own customers or do billing due to my internet not working, I don't have that kind of money. I was then told I would need a service visit to ensure everything was working properly. At no time did anyone mention a $99.95 service visit fee. So here I am today, stealing my neighbor's WIFI and stuck paying for internet and a service fee that does still not work. Any advice on how to get ahold of a person that can actually get the internet to function without charging me (since I am already paying comcast) or cancel my service without bankrupting me would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Internet does not work, constantly lied to by Comcast.

You'll want to post in the Business Class forums: We can't help you here. 

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