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Intermittent extended WiFi

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Intermittent extended WiFi

I have the newest modem/WiFi router combo from Xfinity, the XB3. It’s on my main level, but I need WiFi in my basement and upstairs. I live in a rural neighborhood, so I’m covering more square footage than this thing can handle. A year ago I bought two WiFi extenders from netgear; a speedy dual band one for upstairs and a more basic one for the dark spot of my basement. Both worked beautifully — not a mesh network, but I could access my original speeds just by hitting WPS on both the device and the router and they would handshake giving me an option to switch between 3 WiFi sources, depending on location. Except sometimes, suddenly, both extenders fail to work. They run and show up on my WiFi, but clearly aren’t connected to the Xfinity modem and therefor the internet. I have to do quite a bit of rebooting and management to get them back online. It’s like I have a dynamic IP and the extenders get left in the dark when it suddenly changes.

What is going on? How do I make these stay connected? I see a similar problem with my Kodi theater running wirelessly off my movie server. It just suddenly stops working.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Instructions even more so!