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Intermittent Internet Issue and Packet Loss

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Intermittent Internet Issue and Packet Loss

Hello, I’ve been having major issues with my internet speed recently. I’ve now spent around 10 hours with support in various capacities. There’s been a total of four technicians, two engineers and one apparent high level tech at my house. No one can seem to solve the issue.


The Issue

We’ve had this issue for around two weeks now. What’s happening is the internet speed will be fine for a while, then it will drop to extremely low speed. I pay for 1000Mbps down and 40Mbps up, but I frequently see around 100-500Mbps down and 2-5Mbps up, but I’ve seen as low as 1.4Mbps down and .5Mbps up. If I constantly ping my default gateway at Comcast, I will drop packets, anywhere between 8%-20%. It makes it so I can barely do basic things on the internet, let alone any bandwidth intensive applications, including doing almost any work from home. 


What Has Been Done

Over the past week, I have spent many hours contacting support. I’ve done all the basic troubleshooting steps they’ve recommended. I even entertained the idea that my brand new modem was the issue, so I bought another one, unsurprisingly, that didn’t fix the issue. I’ve plugged a computer directly into the modem, to isolate the issue and make sure it wasn't my router or any other network equipment. Sure enough, I still had the issue. I’ve now had three appointments for people to come out. The first group of people said they found a broken connector on the street, so they switched us and said it would fix the issue. Somehow, this made the issue worse. Rather than the internet cutting out every 20-40 minutes, it started cutting out 5-20 minutes. The second person that came out, confirmed there was an issue on the street, so he called an engineer to come and take a look. Two ended up showing up, and they spent about 2.5 hours replacing something on the street. This didn’t solve the issue. Someone came out for the third time, and they more or less said that this might be a bigger issue, not on our street and it may not get resolved until more people start calling in about it. I’m not sure how true this is, but either way, this is ridiculous. 


At this point, everyone that came out can’t seem to solve the issue and I’ve confirmed, it is indeed an issue outside my house, so I don’t know what to do or what can be done. I hope that someone from the community has experience with an issue like this and can advise on how to proceed. But from here, if I can’t get this issue resolved, I’m going back to my old ISP. Don’t get me wrong, when the service worked, it was great, but now that i’m having this issue and no one can seem to resolve it, it makes me regret switching. 


Thank you for your help, I hope we can resolve this together. Stay safe.