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Impressionism of "Gigabit" spd

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Impressionism of "Gigabit" spd

When I first updated to gigabit through comcast I was using and getting results between 450-750 mbps on down and 35-50 mbps on the up to various servers within 300 miles of my location.  About three weeks after having it I nocitced a slow down when I was downloading something.  I decided to try speedtesting it again.  My speeds to the same exact servers were ranging between 120-160 mbps down and 20-38 on the up.


What happened?  No one can tell me why it dropped.  All they can tell me is user xfinity speed test.   Xfinity speed test send me 8 hours away to Mephis Tn.  I was seeing speeds of 950mbps on the down and 40-55 mbps on the up using xfinity.   Please keep in mind that before I noticed my spd drop I did not use xfinities speed test.  WHy would I?  That is like asking my broker what the price of oil is.  It makes 0 sense. I live 20 min away from Texas!  Why is the first hop 8 hours away?  Can anyone tell me why?  what changed?  No one the phone knows anything  


More importantly I was getting faster speeds before I upgraded (after the first two weeks) using  Why am I paying more money for slightly slower speeds?  I have been in IT since 1996 please keep that in mind.  If your company can not produce results outside of your own speed tester that are within my contact are you in breech of contract?  If I can't use 1 single speedtester in the entire world, (I have tried over 20), other than your own speedtester am I really getting the speeds?  Also please explain how my speeds are no slower than my old package.


I have 1 computer hardwired.  Nothing changed on my network.  Well I was using my own Netgear Doscis 3.0 / 3.1 and getting faster speeds but I decided to get a comcast modem and see what would happen after my speeds dropped to 30-60% of what they were after the 2 weeks of upgrading.  Guess what comcast modem are even slower than what you can pay for and own not rent.


Has anyone else experienced such non sense.  I have the test results if anyone wants to view them.  I am about to report you guys to the Public Service Commision.  <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory">