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IP Configuration Failure

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IP Configuration Failure

We had a very brief power outage a few days ago, and ever since then, one of my home WIFIs no longer works. We have a 5.0, which still works fine. We also have a 2.4, which devices can no longer connect to. We get various messages, but the most common is "IP Configuration Failure". Another common problem is that it says "Obtaining IP Address" for a long time, but never succeeds.


Here's what I have already tried:

- Reset the modem several times.

- Unplugged (waited 30 secs) and re-plugged the modem several times.

- Verified the password is correct - it hasn't changed.

- Verified that the 5.0 wifi still works fine - PROBLEM our ROKU devices cannot connect to 5.0, only to 2.4, which means we can no longer use our ROKUs.


Please help. Thanks in advance.