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I've got an old center city, three story, house. Have decent speed at the modem which is in the basement (230mbps). Speed drops off dramactically by the time you reach the third floor. I do have cable wiring to the second floor which seems to be dead. Should I get a tech to fix connection at the second floor and move the router up, if possible, or look for a wifi extender system? Thanks.


Re: Home Wifi

You might have someone come out and see what would be your best choice.  In older homes, the walls are often not conducive to running ehternet cable runs through the walls, especially in multi-story homes.  I will tell you what worked for me, with the caveat that it may not be the best choide for you.


I am using a Netgear x10 R9000 router, located on the first floor of my home, and a Netgear EX8000 Range Extender on the second floor, which servers 4 computers, two tablets, and sever smart home devices.  It works very well for me; I can use the same network name on both devices with seemless handoff between them. 


Good luck!  I hope you find the best solution for your scenario.