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Home Network Ethernet Cables Help

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Home Network Ethernet Cables Help

Hi, I am trying to setup a gigabit switch to enable internet cable connection at all rooms in my home. I am little confused with the cabes located in the network box and which ones to pluginto the switch

I see 3 different ones

1. White ethernet cables with connectors installed

2. Blue ethernet cables donot have connectors and the ends are closed with tape

3. coaxial cable wires are installed ( for xfinity tv & internet)


I uploaded the image ( cables.img).

Can anyone please suggest, which cables should I use to plugin to the switch? (blue / white) ?


Thanks again

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Re: Home Network Ethernet Cables Help

It’s hard to tell the size of the connectors on the white cables(if it’s for phone or not). You could take a look at a room where those cables run to check out the size of the port,small is for phone, large is for Ethernet, then take the wall plate off and see what’s behind it.

On further review, looking at the blue wires, only blue and blue white are connected together. That’s for phone.
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Re: Home Network Ethernet Cables Help

What do the blue cables say on them ? Can't see it. Do the white cable plugs fit fully flush in to that switch or are there gaps on the sides / narrower than the jacks ?
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Re: Home Network Ethernet Cables Help

Thank you EG, ComcastAndrew for your replies


Yes white cable plugs fit correctly into the switch and I also verified the wall plate, white ones are ethernet


Blue - Structured cables - CAT5E ENHANCED 350MHz UTP ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 ISO/IEC 11801 CLASS D

White - Comcables UTP CAT5E TESTED TO350MHz E340599-AT 4PR 24 AWG TYPE CMR c(UL) us VERIFIED TO TIA-568-C.2 CAT 5E BC


I am not sure which cable (blue,white)  I need to plug in to the switch for incoming internet connection. But I am able to find the cable connecting to one of the rooms to test the connection.



Re: Home Network Ethernet Cables Help

Both blue and white cables are definitely gigabit Ethernet compliant (CAT 5e) and the white cables look like they have RJ45 ethernet connectors on them as you confirmed they fit into the switch, so all you'd have to do is inspect the wall panels and the RJ connectors to make sure they're properly wired with all 8 strands in the white cables, then test them. Otherwise, you'd have to rewire the panels and refit new connectors onto the white cables. 

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Re: Home Network Ethernet Cables Help

Smart panels typically anymore just run CAT5e for your phone and data throughout the house.  Just going by the picture you can tell they have the blue set of lines wired up to phone jacks with the wire nuts (not really the right way to do it but it will work).  You will have to check your wiring on each end of those white lines (easiest way would be to pick up an ethernet tester) to make sure they are wired up properly.  A lot of times someone just slaps an end on them and calls it a day not verifying that they are actually correct.  A quick visual check on the ends though should tell you right away if they are on correctly (at least on that end).  Worst case you might have to pop some wall plates to check out how they punched them down.