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Home Network Dropping Devices

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Home Network Dropping Devices

For some odd reason my home network drops devices from the connected device list that are connected via WiFi. I can sit not even a foot away from the modem and one second its showing my device as connected and five minutes later my device is no longer showing as connected. Its not just one device either. In order to get any WiFI connected device to show back up I have to go through the same process over and over. I have to go into my devices settings. I then have to forget the network. Then I have to sign back into my home network using my WiFi credentials. I have to do this on a very very regular basis. Sometimes every 20 to 30 minutes. If we leave the house with our devices and though WiFi is never turned off of the device we go out of range of our home network. Yet when we return home our devices automatically connect to my home network but they never show up unless I go through the steps mentioned above. Every device is updated with the most recent firmware and iOS. My modem has been reset multiple times. I have even had my modem replaced more times than any one customer should. I don’t understand what is going on. The issue with it not showing up on the connected device list both on xFi and the modem configuration page; is I don’t have access to control these devices. I have also noticed when there not listed as connected the speed drastically drops and the connection quality is abysmal. I am currently writing this post from my iPhone X with iOS 12.3.1 and though my device says its connected to my home network its not showing up on the connected devices list; though it was 10 minutes ago. I would love to post photos of this issue but when making a post on this forum from my iPhone there is no option to post photos. All I see is the word Post above, an area to place the post title, then an area to type the post body; below that is cancel and then post followed by email me when someone replies and then labels. Thats it. But trust me I wouldn’t take the time to write this lengthy post if I wasn’t having an issue.
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Re: Home Network Dropping Devices

Hello, InternetNotWork! Thank you for reaching out to us! I'm happy to address your issue with the WiFi connection. In order to post pictures, click Reply, then choose Rich Text, and you will see an option to post pictures Photos. Do you have any issues with the Ethernet connection? 

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