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High uncorrectables with Xfinity

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High uncorrectables with Xfinity

Hi All,

We've had Xfinity for roughly 2 years and pretty much since day one the service has been completely hit or miss. On the off chance that our connection is stable, we see download/upload speeds exactly as advertised, but it's rarely stable.

We have called in to technical support many times, and have walked through the generic troubleshooting steps, which typically "fix" the connection long enough for them to verify that everything "looks good on their end". Problems often reappear later that day or week.

More recently, we had a technician visit the apartment, but aside from replacing a foot of old wire leading to the apartment's junction box, he didn't find anything wrong (though he did not look at anything beyond the junction box).


The problems appear to coincide with an extremely high number of correctables/uncorrectables and sometimes the upstream channels will fail to lock.



Sporadic problems occur regardless of whether the modem is connected directly to the apartment's line-in or if we add a 3-way or 4-way splitter (to drop downstream power levels closer to 0, as they are typically quite high).





My spouse and I are both working from home these days, and this has been a huge problem when it comes to video conferencing or working over RDP.

Modem: Netgear C7000 Nighthawk (modem+router)
Firmware: V1.03.01
Network: Typically serves 5-8 devices, with only 2-4 being active at any point in the day, and with 2 of those connected via LAN.

Thanks in advance!


Re: High uncorrectables with Xfinity

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