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Google Wifi Configuration

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Google Wifi Configuration

Had new xfinty setup in Sept of this year. Got internet, TV, and Home security bundle.

All equipment is xfinity, except for Cable modem/router, which is the ARRIS SBG6700-AC.

ARRIS cable modem is set up in office, for which comcast installer plugged in a Netgear Wireless N-150 router (model WNR1000). There is a sticker on it that indicates it is for the Home Security and to not change the settings for the router (as change may effect Home Security). Netgear router is attached to port 2 on ARRIS modem.


Got a couple of Google WiFi pucks, as the Wifi is the basement is not that great. Thought I would just be able to plug into the open port (Port 1) on the ARRIS modem and be fine. Downloaded Google phone app to start setup and config of the first Google WiFi puck. Google WiFi is found, but app just hangs trying to connect.


Started with Comcast, and their only advice was to put the ARRIS modem in Bridge Mode, but that did not work (lost the internet completely). Since it was not Comcast equipment, their next advice was to contact ARRIS. 


Called ARRIS and spent probably a couple hours with them on the phone. Tried again to set modem to bridge mode, tried turning off WiFi from ARRIS, so that just Google WiFi would provide the Wifi. Nothing worked. Each time the internet would be lost and would have to go through the same steps of totally resetting the ARRIS modem to try something new. 


After a couple hours (tried new cables, tried connecting directly to PC, tried connecting directly to xbox), ARRIS support gave up.


Anyone have any ideas?

thanks in advance